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App 5 Star

Love this app bonus points too!!

Free gift cards!!!

Use code uytxr when prompted for a referral code to earn a free $5 gift card (5000 points) just for signing up!!!!! You’re welcome :)


I would give this app 0 stars if that were an option. I cannot stress strongly enough how much of a waste of time this app is. I downloaded the app, provided it with my card information (both banks I have cards with were already in their system) and proceeded with excitement ‘activating’ offers. I was so thrilled to see offers for stores I already frequent. Unfortunately, I started to notice that I was not getting points for my qualifying purchases. I waited the 5 day grace period, and still nothing. When I contacted support they responded days later saying, ‘the card you’ve been using is not supported so that’s why it’s not giving you points’. If the card is not supported why is it option to add it? Why is their no disclaimer anywhere telling me this. So now I’ve missed out on thousands of points. Had I used a different rebate app I would’ve gotten those rewards, but due to the Drop team’s negligence I’ve missed out entirely. I responded to the email asking if there was anything they could or would do to rectify this and clarify the information before someone signs up the app. I’ve gotten no response. Not only will this app most likely not work for you, but the support staff very clearly does not care. I say skip it and get Ebates, Ibotta, Dosh, or one of the many other apps that have been really useful to me and have a staff that cares about their customers. I’m posting the exchange between myself and support below for those interested: Danielle (Drop Support) Dec 11, 10:35 AM CST Hey , We are doing our best to support Barclay as soon as possible, but it isn't due to anything on our end. Barclay has some policies which make it impossible to ensure our users get a great experience on Drop when linking their Barclay accounts. We are working to improve the situation, but until then, we cannot support Barclay. As soon as Barclay updates their policies to allow for a decent experience on Drop, we will support it! We cannot provide a timeline on when this will happen as it is beyond our control. In the meantime, we support virtually every other American/Canadian institution. Thanks for your interest in Drop and we're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Maggie Pfau Dec 9, 9:47 AM CST FLOWS: ============== 1. FLOW: Missing Points from One Offer DATE: Thu Nov 09 2017 00:00:00 GMT-0500 (EST) ACCOUNT: institution: Barclaycard account_id: [redacted] OFFER: offer: Walgreens temporality: ongoing AMOUNTSPENT: $10.24 TRANSACTIONDETAILS: Walgreens transaction shown on credit card statement, yet points missing from my account.

Waste of time

Before this app went public it was great after 10/9/2017 it delinks my card every time I use it. I have not been paid out for any purchase since 10/9. Just a big waste.

Highly Satisfied

I am always looking for app where I can save on everyday purchases. Drop definitely delivered and exceeded my expectations. Most apps take forever to save up to redeem and with Drop it’s made really easy which is very appreciated. Keep it up. 😁


I’m trying to use the verification code that they text us. And I have been doing this with like at least 5 different codes. It keeps saying that there’s an error


Don’t waste your time. You won’t get your points or any assistance from customer service...

Worst customer service

Yes, this app does really pay out, but there’s a lot of catches. For instance it’s been 3 weeks since I completed one offer and they still have my points as pending. ANYTIME you contact customer service they will IGNORE you unless you rant on Twitter or email them 1,000x. They send the same automated replies which are unhelpful and it would be more helpful if people actually read what your sending to them. I seriously don’t appreciate this. I once waited over a month before hearing back from someone and the only reason they answered was because I took to Twitter. And since Black Friday I’ve been waiting for a reply on their boosted points. They stated you’d get extra points for completing and never gave them. Now their trying to claim that the points listed were the extra points but it’s funny because I have earlier screenshots that show that’s what the points were even in October before Black Friday. So yea the app pays out and it’s a great way to make extra money WHEN IT WORKS! I would stay away from buying from one time offers because they take forever to post (3 weeks and going right now. If you buy Dunkin everyday great link up and earn quick-ish. But just beware if you ever run into any problems it’ll be a hassle and sometimes points are too...

Don’t get if you don’t have phone service

It makes you put in your phone number to verify it but if you have no phone service you can’t even use the app

The best

I love it

Pretty good

The app is pretty easy to use. Not very many offers, but it works. My total points seems to fluctuate randomly. I’ll log in at different times and it will show different things. (I had around 4800 last night and just had 800 points post but still only have 4900 total?) so they need to fix that. I also still haven’t gotten my Boxed points. How long do they need to verify??? Frustrating.

App is cool

This app is sweet and simple.

Locked me out of bank account

Immediately when linked card my bank account got locked, not worth it., my bank account is more important then earning a few $5 gift cards

Awesome deal right now!

Wow, just redeemed $70 worth in Amazon giftcards for opening a Wealthsimple account with $50. I got 75,000 points for investing $50 in Wealthsimple so it’s pretty much getting $75 in giftcards while investing $50! As long as Wealthsimple is almost as good as Wealthfront at robo-investing, I’m golden!


Amazing app! It works flawlessly and the rewards are so good. It’s really convenient and really easy to earn a lot of great rewards through it

Too many technical issues and cs rep are not responsive

I’ve been a Drop customer before it’s official launch and I know this App is fairly new (in US), which is why I understand there could be technical issues. I’ve contacted the customer service regarding multiple transactions and they are not very responsive. What’s worse, at least half of the times they did not read my message carefully before reply. Disappointed.

Poor Customer Service

My credit card is linked but I’ve been trying to link my debt card since November 3. Customer service takes an average of 2 weeks to get back to me. Today (after a month) they finally told me my login is wrong. I use my login all the time to access my bank account - I know it’s not wrong. I’ve unlinked my credit card and uninstalled the app. Absolutely useless customer service and I’d never recommend this app to anyone.


I like the app. Get 1000 free Drop points on me! Use my code 63w82 to start earning cash rewards. 💰

Bank will not connect

I have been unable to even use this app because it will not let me log in with my bank. Kind of ridiculous. I have had the app downloaded for two weeks now and have tried logging in on multiple different occasions all leading to an error message.

Was great horrible/nonexistent customer service

Been missing lots of points from places I but from and sent many emails to get my points and no reply back. I can’t change where I buy from so I can get points from another company.

Be prepared to email customer service A LOT

The bonus offers NEVER work! When you contact customer service, they will usually give you back the points (after 1 month) but it is extremely annoying that the system is not structured in a way that the offer can be redeemed automatically. It had failed me twice and I don't think I will bother with their offer in the future. I like the idea of the app, but it's execution is really horrible! And the drop team cannot blame it on rapid expansion! It is just bad customer service!

Good rewards

Good rewards pretty easy to use


This is a very Special type of crappy game

Definitely a good time

As someone who pays a lot of coffee from Starbucks and goes to target 2 to 3 times a week, with this app I get money back?! And when you redeem the point they send you the gift card right away! If your skeptical just try it you wouldn’t be disappointed! Also when signing up use my code ipiey to Get 1000 free Drop points on me!!



Needs some work

Seems like a great idea, but for whatever reason, points stop accumulating for me on a recurring basis for ALL offers. It takes many attempts at contacting customer support to receive a reply, if one is received at all. Additionally, when missed points are awarded retroactively, they are in a random non-chronological order, which makes it exceedingly difficult to verify that points have been awarded correctly.

The best

The best


Love love love

Doesn’t give points

I’ve made 2 purchases that I have not seen any points for. I have attempted to contact customer service by sending emails and I have not heard back.

Used to be good but not anymore

I used this since it was by invite only with no issues. Then when it became available to everyone suddenly all my bank accounts had errors. I try to log back into them but the process asks me my security questions over and over again and won’t continue. It has been doing this for over two months now. And it happening with different banks too so it’s not one bank that is having the issue. I’m done. There are other apps that you can use that pay with less issues.

Be careful..

So I like this app for the most part... it's cool to earn points for places I already shop at. BUT... apparently if an offer has two requirements you have to meet to earn points, they can't list both of the requirements which leads you to make purchases you think you're earning points for and you're not. They had an offer for something called Boxed. All it said is 20,000 points for your first purchase. I looked everywhere and couldn't find a minimum amount you needed to spend. I bought something for about $20. I finally reached out to support after not getting my points. The lady that responded said sorry, you had to spend at least $50 AND it had to be your first purchase but they could only put one of those things in the description. What do you mean you can only put 1? That's ridiculous. I either wouldn't have made that purchase at all or actually spent $50. This was a waste of money at the end of the day for me. She gave me 1,000 points for the inconvenience. Still not worth it. You should honor what you put out there.

Thanks for Drop

I hope I get the 20000 bonus points you offered today as I really enjoyed my first experience shopping at drop.

Can’t Redeem. No response to my emails.

When I go to the Redeem tab, the rewards list is completely blank. I haven’t been able to redeem once since I signed up months ago. I sent messages to the support team more than once and have not gotten reply

They wanted my bank password!

It’s one thing to give them bank info but my username and password? I don’t think so!!! No stars for you. I only had to give one star because apple made me so I could leave a review.

Does not give rewards earned

I've been using this app for about a week. I shop at the places where I have offers often. I've seen some rewards as pending, and I've seen some points on my account. Then they disappear can completely. I've contacted them twice and Have not gotten any response. I decided to unlink my cards and delete the app. 👎🏻

Promo code Use my code d0g39

Use my code d0g39 for 1,000 coins

It works, except when it doesn’t

I’ve had mixed results getting points. Sometimes I get them right away, but I’m still waiting for points from a purchase over a month ago as well as from referrals and a promo from last month. Customer service has yet to reply to my request from two weeks ago. Expect to be ignored if you need help.

Use with caution!!

Been using this app for about 3 months now. At first everything was going well, any offers activated paid out. After some time I noticed the big (one time) offers didn’t pay out automatically (or maybe at all, as I’ve yet to see points from those added). I’ve messaged support about 5-6 times for those same offers and have gotten a recap of the events needed to trigger the offer. With one, they ultimately asked to write support for the app/site of the other party and explain the situation to them. If they approve the transaction they would push the request back over to drop for points. Well, support for the offer said everything was good in their end and they would push it back. They estimated a payout within 5 business day. After those 5 business day passed I wrote Drop support and well, guess what, radio silence from Drop. Sent 2 emails and opened 1 ticket within app since then and haven’t heard a thing back. Keep in mind, first email went out 2 weeks ago and in app ticket at the date of this review. Overall, if you think you can get by with the base offers (the ones that pay out X amount of points per dollar spent at merchant) then this might work out for you. I do strongly caution from using the big offers, especially if it’s for something you otherwise wouldn’t of bothered trying out.

So cool

Love it!

Free points!

I love how easy they make it to earn points! If you'd like 1,000 free points upon sign up, use my code: byzz4 😊

How do you change your favorite stores?

Walmart offers 2 pts for every dollar spent. That’s ridiculous! How do I take Walmart off of my top 5 stores??

Love this app

Love it. Just need to figure out how to spend my points.


Easy to get points

Good app

It’s a good app

Can’t link

I have been trying to link my chase account for 10 minutes now. I’m giving up.

1000 Free Points!

The app works as promised. I was skeptical at first, and afraid to put my card information into the app, but it's all legit. I talked to my credit card company just to double check. The points build a lot faster than I expected and after using it for only a week I already got a 5$ gift card! Not bad for an app that is set it and forget it. Want a free 1000 points? Enter the code below on your account before linking a card. yzwew

The apps a joke.


Love it

It's painless and free, with zero effort required. It will take a little time to earn a reward, but when I do, it will literally be cash back for buying groceries at Walmart. Highly recommend this app!


This is awesome. The app is easy and great for deals

My fave

This has got 2 b the best app I have ever downloaded

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