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Started off well but not working

I've made multiple purchases at my marked stores with linked cards to no avail. Started off well but just no longer happening. Kind of a bummer.


Horrible app. Once you hit a certain amount(about 5$ worth of rewards) they prohibit any further use. Don’t use.

Waste of time

Complete waste of time and energy downloading this app. You will spend more time seeing the “experiencing difficulties with this institution, try again in a few days” error rather than actually using the app. There also seem to be constant problems with cards un-linking. Even though the errors always say “try again in a few days”, nothing is ever resolved in a few days. I have been trying to get the same issue corrected (with two separate cards) for 3 months now. Trying to contact support is like trying to find your way through a maze. Stick with the standard go-to cash back apps like eBates and Ibotta.

Skeptical but going well

Definitely have been burned in the past by point-earning apps but so far this one has been legit. It does seem to take a while for points to go through but if you’re patient then it pays off for sure. Use my code to earn some extra points! vjfy6

The best

Love it

Don’t Bother!

I loved this app at first. For the first few months everything worked fine. Now I don’t get points for ANY offers. I’ve submitted requests and they’ve told me my account was up to date, which was obviously not true—I hadn’t received any points for a month! At this point, I have to submit a complaint to get any points at all. They need you to send them screenshots of your bank account to even credit you. Once I went back and forth with them for so long they ended up crediting me over 30,000 points because they were so behind. It’s honestly NOT WORTH IT.

Not a happy customer

I activated BOXED rewards on the drop app. And I never got my points for it! It was a lot of points too. The rules stated I needed to spend more than $50 and be a first time customer. And both were true! But somehow they think I was already a customer! I have never spent money with BOXED before drop app. and have not made another purchase with them. And I think someone needs to step it up and make this right! Wouldn’t care if it were just a few points. But this one was 20,000pts!

i don’t think i’ve ever written a review before, but-

this app is the worst. right now it feels like they are keeping my bank account hostage, not allowing me to unlink my card from the app like it claims you can do. i had given them a few chances, but this draws the line. i haven’t even earned ANY points since november, since they claim the credentials i’m using to log in are incorrect, yet i have no problem logging into my online banking on computer, on my phone, or even on the banking app itself. yet they say it’s my fault. yeahok. something very sketchy and wrong is going on with this company.

Don’t forget your password!

If you forget your password, it indicates they’ll “send you a recovery code”. Good luck & best Wishes! Doubtful THAT Ever happens! (ie I I’m STILL WAITING) If this actually worked as described, MIGHT be cool, just can’t get DROP to “effortlessly” hold up to it’s Word or Deed. It’s been a Rough Few Months. I’m hoping our friendship can make a change for the betterment. I’m losing hope. :-/

Bullsh** App

They dont Get Back To You it takes weeks. && everytime they tell u the offer is now in your email to Redeem. ITS NOT. I redeemed points over 2 months ago. They claim they are backed up. Its clear they need a new program on how things work!


Great app and fun too.

Does what it says it does!

Overall this is a good way to in essence earn free money. It’s takes some time but you will eventually start earning more and more. Yes it’s true, there are some deceptive descriptions. But just read the bonus missions carefully and you won’t miss anything. For an extra bonus when you start you can use my code e0vzj and we both will get some extra money! Good luck earning some extra cash


Please allow for users to change their default offers! I just chose whatever at the beginning. BUT THEY HAVE A LOT MORE NOW! A lot of the temporary ones aren’t relevant to me. I’ve had this app for about 8 months and only have 3000 points. I also had issues where my bank would unlink several times and I didn’t get points.

Good and easy app

Use my code when you join 6napx

Interesting no effort rewards app

Like the app overall and I’m excited to see how well it works in the future. Really, really needs to be updated with iPhone X support though!

Dishonest, do not download.

Update: Karen from customer support sent an email to me to inform me of my updated points. They were not added, and shortly later was sent another email that the points will not be added to the account and her previous email was a mistake. This was unacceptable to me as I’ve easily spent a few hundred dollars with vendors working with drop. When I made my pleasure known my points were finally added to my account. I cashed out my rewards and Unlinked my card information and will shortly delete the app. Absolutely deplorable customer service and disorganization and those reading this and still chose to provide their bank information to this company I urge you to re think that decision if you have any intention in an agreement being followed upon without putting up a fight. I’m disappointed and ashamed and appalled by the disorganization of this company. Get it together, and fast. I made a purchase based on one of their offers and now more than a month later haven’t received my 20,000 points. Multiple support tickets have been to no avail and when I did get a response they asked me to reach out to the company in the offer for proof my purchase satisfied their requirements. 1. If they are unable to verify eligibility why not ask for that information up front? 2. When I did get verification that my $50+ purchase met those requirements I got no response. I feel cheated, angry, and believe Drop broke their contract and owes me the points promised as I have been proven eligible, or they need to refund my purchase. Never again, be careful, and spend your money somewhere else. These people are borderline thieves.

Super easy and great CS!

I’ve been on Drop now for several weeks. The offers are super easy to redeem and I recently needed to contact CS about a referral. I explained the situation and they helped fix it right away! Helpful hint- make sure your friends have your referral code and are sure it went in. You will get a notification very shortly after verifying:)


This app simply doesn’t work. Points do not update, and I’m tired of being ignored by customer service. They have a lot of marketing $ behind the app and no back end to deliver on their promises! Am very regretful I’ve given them any type of access to my financial institutions. Total garbage. Avoid.


This game is terrible horrifying and I was trying to set up and it asked me for my card and I don’t want to put it in until I earn something and I don’t have to and it forcing me to don’t bother their gonna ended up staking all ur money. Whoever decided for this game to go on the App Store. Take it down

25$ gift card in less than a week!

Say what?! This app is awesome! I go to Dunkin daily, so daily racking up points. Also do a lot of shopping at Walmart, so again more points. Plus Drop offers different special offers everyday and today I ordered a Winc subscription for 40$ (4 bottles of wine) & received 25,000 Drop points (25$ in points). New favorite app!

Customer service is horrible

App gets you points when you spend with ongoing offers but beware of the active bonus offers. Very tricky small print wording to make sure you don’t get rewarded. And good luck needing support. Team is rude.


So I just got this app a couple days ago and it’s great! One thing I think should be added though is being able to add receipts and earn points that way too. Not everyone buys through the stores website and that comes as a disadvantage when trying to get points. Like today I bought Dunkin’ Donuts but I didn’t go online and do it so I don’t get points.

Not impressed

I have been using this app for a few weeks now and I can’t link a target debit card to the app which stinks. I also used one of my personal offers to buy at lululemon and never saw the points for them. Word to The wise, always read the fine print.

SO frustrating!!!

I’ve tried time and time again (4 months) to make this app work. There’s no way to link my card — there’s always an error!! Support is ridicules, and does little to help. Tried for months and now deleting!!!

Very frustrating

I’ve had this app for a week and it still won’t link to my bank account. Seems pointless to have if it doesn’t even work

The best

The best!!


My points didn’t appear at first but then I emailed the support and they responded in a timely and now I have all of my points! It works great!


This is a great app for just shopping earning reward love it

Does not work. Horrible app! Don’t get!

I can’t connect my credit card. What a waste of time. Won’t let me! I’m putting in my credentials perfectly and answering security questions perfectly. WASTE OF TIME



Didn’t send reward

I earned a $10 amazon reward. I never got the reward emailed to me. I contacted customer support and they said it was sent to me. Scam. Don’t use.

Support is going downhill

At first when I got drop it worked great, then I had some issues with connecting to my bank account. The support responded to my inquiry and wasn’t really helpful, but at least they responded. Recently though I’ve been having issues not receiving any of my points and I’ve contacted the support several times over the past few weeks with no response at all. I would just like someone to respond to my support requests!!!

Use code cts7a to earn 1000 points

Use code cts7a to earn 1000 points to redeem gift cards for Amazon, Starbucks, Bestbuy and more


Use code “x342e” for extra points at sign up

iPhone X

Need iPhone X support!!!!

Doesn’t support my bank

Haven’t even gotten past the first part because even though there are 20,000 supported banks the two that I bank with are not.

Cannot proceed after linking bank account!!!!

I went through the process of signing up for the app. I linked my bank account, did the survey, etc., then the “you’re all linked up” page popped up. When I try to tap on “done” to go explore the app, there’s no response!!! Please fix this...this is a very rough start with this app I’m just beginning to use for the first time. Such a bummer to be having an experience like this...

Pick reward wisely

So I really like this app. I didn’t see amazon on my available choices which annoys me cuz I see if in the pictures on the app but other then that I love this app. Free money. No scanning receipts. Instant. Wish you could do more then five, how about 7? What if New brands link up, I can’t choose them?? Hopefully new updates will change this. Until then I'm saving for hotel gift card. Pay for some of my next vacation.

waste of time

i thought this was a great app and gained a lot of points from my offers, referring friends, and special limited offers. then i tried to redeem my points finally for a sephora gift card and they emailed me a link to get the gift card. the link took me to a page that asked for a secret code that drop never provided. when i emailed support they just said thanks for letting them know and i noticed they took sephora off the redemption list but they never got back to me on how i’ll get my redeemed gift card so now i have nothing for the redeemed points, and of course my points weren’t given back. the saving grace is i didn’t spend any money on this, but was certainly a waste of my time and very disappointing to say the least.

I cant link my credit card!

I had this app for like 2 months and i cant use it because i cant link my credit card!

So easy to use - no receipts to scan

This app is the easiest and best paying of my “penny hoarder” apps. I have linked the 4 credits cards I use the most (including my target red card - they take that) and I just need to use the right card when I shop supported stores. And when you know target and whole foods are in the list - that goes fast. In 2 months I could already take 40$ back in amazon gift cards, and that’s without taking advantage of any offers or scanning any receipt. I just linked my cards. One star goes off because even though Macy’s is a supported store, you cannot link your Macy’s card. Macy’s card is an Amex but not supported in your Amex account - and Macy is not a financial institution - so you cannot have both the advantage of Macy’s card and the advantage of drop. Hopefully they’ll fix this sometimes.

Aggressively friendly but no pay

I was excited to get points for things I bought and for referring other people but when it comes to actually getting discounts, I have yet to see anything. The customer service is always saying they are receiving higher than usual amounts of messages and always with the same generic and aggressively friendly with emojis and high fives. They keep asking me to check the junk and spam and with their confirmation of the missing rewards redemption. It’s an invite-only exclusive app, but seriously, they are just there to collect your shopping data along with your bank accounts. Not worth your personal data for some bogus rewards.

Annoying me

When you put in your number and they text you the code it always says the code is in use right now 😠😟

Really worth it

This is app is awesome I already got $15 from it.

Use my code u61wq when sign up

Use my code and we both get points for signing up!

Cards won't link

I can't use the app because my card will not link up.

Pick the grocery stores first

I spent $93 at Sephora and got only 189 points back versus when I spent $25 at Fred Meyers and got 305 points (I also gas up only at Fred Meyers so it’s really convenient). Definitely pick wisely because once you choose your 5 stores, you can’t change them, unfortunately. Docking one star because of that.


Love this app!

Dishonest, they don't pay out. Not worth your time

So I had an offer for Priceline 10 points/dollar. I made a cruise reservation and airline tickets about $2500. They removed my offer even though it said it runs until Feb 7th. So no points. They wont even respond to my email. Now expect to see some fake generated reply to this review from Drop saying something like "If you have issues, we are sorry please email support, we are working on the issue, blah, blah blah. Dont use this app. Total scam, don't trust your credit cards with a lying scam company. My next step is to email Priceline directly and let them know about their dishonest partner Drop.

Definitely a good time

As someone who pays a lot of coffee from Starbucks and goes to target 2 to 3 times a week, with this app I get money back?! And when you redeem the point they send you the gift card right away! If your skeptical just try it you wouldn’t be disappointed! Also when signing up use my code ipiey to Get 1000 free Drop points on me!!

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