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Amazing and real app

Great actually works !! Love it !!

Okay app

They had better offers when I started using. Now the only offers are online shopping or subscriptions. They need to bring back offers from Wendy’s and Whole Foods, places to eat. Otherwise the app isn’t really great. It had very limited options as to where you can get points. The points take quite a bit to go through. I’m still waiting on my points for inviting friends and it’s been three months......

Points don’t show up

I don’t recommend. When I first downloaded in March, it was great. I figured it’s worth selling my data if I get gift card rewards. Then my card (Capital One) had issues linking. I had an open ticket and they continued to give me the same response - they are working on it, and once restored, all my points since March would show up. Well, the card is linked again but no points have appeared since March - both points from when I had issues and points from after the issue was supposedly resolved. I responded to my ticket, and was essentially shut down and told they were closing my ticket. Essentially they said sorry ‘bout your luck. I wanted to support this app, but 6 months of stringing folks along is too much.

Bait and switch, no rewards sent

I’ve earned a fair number of rewards since starting to use the app. However, most rewards were never delivered. Customer service is of no help in helping to deliver rewards that were never sent. Your time is better spent using a different rewards app. There are plenty that actually pay out what is promised.

Can’t use my credit union.

I don’t use banks and instead I use Obee Credit Union but they don’t offer that option. Very disappointed.


It’s really nice when it actually works and the points get credited to your account, but I have had to email their customer support team for almost EVERY big promotion (I’m talking like 20k points or more) because they don’t get credited when they are supposed to. They can never actually tell you if the points are pending or not. All they say is something to the effect of “make sure you followed the rules and the points will show up soon.” It’s not worth the hassle. I’m going back to ibotta...I never have issues with them. And they actually tell you when your points are pending.

Cannot log into my account

I have uninstalled then reinstalled the app, however there’s not an option where i can just log in instead it asks me to get started by connecting a bank account with it in which i attempted. It tells me that it’s linked already like no duh its my account but it doesn’t proceed to log me in even tho i entered the info it asked like what???! Then i updated the app and was finally able to log in but all my points were goneee! It reset back to 0 😡😡😡 i am not gonna use this app again, just makes me angry thinking about it, its trash.

Make it for iPads!

I would like it better if it was on my iPad instead of my phone taking up data

Average Joe Arbitrage Loves the App!

As Average Joe Arbitrage I test apps all the time. This is a great app, easy to use and easy to build up rewards with! Give it a try! And follow Averagejoearbitrage.com for more ways to save and earn money!

5000 points

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New w Invite Code

INVITE CODE: ougll Just joined. Was looking for anyone who maybe posted an invite code, realized nobody did. Might as well try. I was looking and needed it, maybe someone else will too. Will update later about my experience. INVITE CODE: ougll Get free 1,000 points. Thank you for reading!

Won’t Sync with Capital One

I put in a ticket a few weeks ago because none of my Capital One purchases sync and I shop a lot at the stores I picked. Capital One is my main card, and I know a lot of places have had trouble syncing with their new security but all of those issues have been fixed. Why Drop has not, as of today, fixed it is a mystery. I sent screenshots of my purchases and dates but have not seen or heard any updates. It’s very frustrating and if it wasn’t for Uber being attached to my one other card, I’d completely delete my account.

Free points: j8tw6

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Worst Customer Service

Couldn’t redeem my reward - one of your invited friends have been identified as having a fraudulent account. This has resulted in a flag to your account, as this behaviour doesn't comply with our terms of service. First, I don’t know who are you talking about. It’s been almost a year I haven’t invited any friend and you punished me for this?? All my points are frozen and they don’t tell me when I can use it.


This game takes up too much time and effort.


This app is shady as hell, don’t bother with it if you like to keep your bank account secure🤷🏻‍♀️ and I didn’t get points on a few purchases that qualified for points. Unlinked my card and uninstalled the app

Can’t link my bank

While this may work fine with major banks I still can’t link my account despite numerous attempts over several days. Always the same excuse: “We are currently experiencing delays with this institution. Please visit our support page.” I’ve visited the support page with no answers found. In the end I suspect they can’t link with my bank and want me to fix it.

Worthless app

No points available to capital one customers since mid May and it’s now September! What’s the point of the app if it doesn’t actually sink with your credit card. Incredibly bad customer service- no responses, no actual help!

Easy as earning free money!

This is honestly as easy as earning free money on every day purchases. I wouldn’t bother shopping through the app’s “mobile offers” to earn points though. Instead I would use your airline rewards portal or “shop with Chase”. However, it’s nice to have the 5 linked offers that work automatically! Use this for 1000 points when you sign up: up7kf.


They changed it so that you can update your phone number if it changes. I would have lost 30,000 points if not. Great customer service! I don’t have to think about it and it pays for my Starbucks addiction.

Good deal

Good passive way to earn gift cards. Had an issue with my linked card not allowing Drop access my purchase info, but that issue has since been resolved. Customer service was a little difficult to deal with but all-in-all its a good deal. If you sign up you can receive an extra 1,000 points if you use my code uz94m.


Why does the app ask you for credit card info? And your bank name no no no😂 seems like a sister scam to me

Don’t waste your time

I collected points for several months and now I’ve tried to redeem my points twice and it resulted in empty hands. Worthless redemption process

Earn points for shopping you already do!

It’s pretty simple. Link any cards you shop with and earn points as you shop with their various partners. Save up points for gift cards. Kind of like a cash back program for some of your favorite obsessions!

Takes too long to reach enough points.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the app, however it takes a loooong time to actually get enough points to get something. A long time.

Let us change our phone number!

It seems ridiculous to not be able to change your phone number, and then when I email about being able to redeem my points, they give me a hard time about it, and tell me there’s no way to change it, but they’ll let me redeem via email ‘just this time’. I was also told in an email that they would be adding the option to change it ‘soon’ but why not add it with the UX overhaul???

Not loading

New update on 8/30/2018 and now app will not load hopefully another update coming tomorrow. iPhone X. Update seems to be working now 8/31/2018

Eh didn’t even let me pass

I downloaded it. And it’s stuck.. I entered my email and age and that’s as far as I got. The emojis in next page were tiny and I couldn’t choose. Bleh. App wasted my time

Great Rewards

Easy and fun to use, great rewards options. I love using Drop!

Garbage scam

If it worked the way they say it works, it would be awesome. That said, everyone I know who uses this app has had their account frozen due to “business spending” (strange, as I don’t have a business card). So I haven’t earned any points in 6 months, and am currently being ignored by their customer service team. Great idea, poor execution. SAD!

Very Buggy

Apparently, there’s a TON of bugs to work out. It would not let me set up my account.

The app is a scam!

So many times I tried to redeem anything- no luck. The app is a scam. They will never give you reward


It works for most of the brands but the in app purchases are hit and miss - I never received points for about 4 large purchases I made through the app.

Join and forget !

I joined this app and forgot about it just how I do everytime I try to save money with one of these cash back apps. Logged in months later and had enough points earned without looking for a 5$ gift card 👀

App doesn't work

Can't speak to rewards or not, but definitely can say that if you want to use it good luck. The app doesn't open 90% of the time. And if it does it takes 3 minutes to start up.

Bank card issue

Can’t say much because it would never expect my bank card. Tired to link it for day and it just keeps saying try again latter. 🤷‍♀️

Account frozen! Scam!

Everything worked until one day they decided to freeze my account because they thought I’m using a business account. I tried to tell them several times to unfreeze my account because all of the spendings were personal. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. They did not reply me at all, except the one time they told me they froze my account. If feels like I’m many earning too many points because I take Uber often. But isn’t the point to spend and earn points? Feels like a scam to me!

This app is a scam

No points added to my account for the last 2 months. Emailing customer support repeatedly got me a response that my account is under review to make sure "I am using the account as intended" (I don't know what that means). It has been 1.5 months since my account is appeartly under review. So beware, they will award points if they feel like it and otherwise not. PS: Sent email as suggested here by the developer and still basically no response after a month (they wrote back saying that they are looking into it and stopped responding after that). I guess they just write a standard answer for everyone here at the app store.

Absolute scam

Nearly impossible to follow and even when done correctly you won’t see points. They give you a little to get you hooked and make you think it works. They permanently track your spending habits. ): Wanted to love it though.

Fundamentally flawed

My experience echoes that of everyone else’s - this would be a great app if it ever worked as promised. The reality is that it can’t seem to link my card for more than a few days, then nothing for weeks or months for no apparent reason. Frankly, it makes me wonder whether the dev team behind this product is just incompetent, or if there’s something about Drop’s business practices that makes card issuers reluctant to work with them. Inquiries to customer service get an immediate chirpy reply and then no action is ever taken. Dismal. Don’t waste your time.

Use to be good

This app use to be great but then they changed everything about it. Now you only earn points if you shop at their randomly selected stores or use their offers. It use to let you choose from normal everyday places. I know I know .. quit complaining about something that’s free. Free gift cards are great. I’m just saying, it’s not worth the space it’s taking up on my phone when there are other apps offering gift cards that haven’t completely changed themselves.


It’s great when it works, my points haven’t been added for 2 months maybe more?? I have emailed help and all I get is they are working on it.... but I am still waiting for them to show up :/ It worked just fine the first month but I don’t know what went wrong.


I don’t think you should have to put in your credit card information if this app is gonna send you gift to the place that was chosen.

Waste of time

So disappointed with this app I can’t begin to explain. I repeatedly had to “relink” my bank card, only to be told they could not link to my card, after I had made purchases at favored merchants. This was not worth my time.

One of the more frustrating apps out there

I’ll preface this by saying I guess there’s no reason not to get this app, except that there’s no reason to get it either. Drop is effectively an ebates/swagbucks cash rewards app that rewards you for shopping at online retailers through the drop app. Here’s how it works: you link your credit card(s) to the app and shop online through the app. Assuming you buy something, you’ll theoretically get a percentage back in drop points. These drop points can be exchanged for gift cards. The key word here is theoretically, because I’ve found that it rarely works. For some reason, my credit cards keep getting unlinked, which has caused me to lose out on points. For instance, there was a deal at boxed.com through drop that would give me 20000 points if I spent $75+ at boxed.com. I dutifully followed the instructions and made a purchase. Drop said it would take up to 30 days to supply my points. During that time, the credit card I had used to make the purchase was unlinked (I linked it again). I never received my points, so when I went to customer support, they said I had linked my card after I made the purchase. Sneaky sons of guns. Second, they’re also very deceptive in how they dish out points. Sites like ebates and swagbucks are very clear in the percentage you’ll get back, but drop tries to mislead and cover the fact that they barely give anything. Drop currently gives 14 points for every $ spent at eBay. That sounds good, until you realize that 1000 points = $1. You’re getting 0.14% back. Ebates gives 2% back at eBay. At that rate, I’ll get my first gift card when I’m 52. Anyways, I guess this app doesn’t hurt you if you have it, but don’t expect to actually make any money on this.


It was decent at first but now I haven’t received points for any of my purchases in over two months. When I attempt to submit a help inquiry, I’m given some ambiguous “we’re working with this partner” type of explanation with no option to contact an actual person. Ridiculous.

Terrible update

The new update made it impossible to redeem points saying I had to link a card even though one was already linked and when I went to relink my card saying that it was already connected to my account. Most of the time it doesn't even open saying network error when there isn't one.


Having fun on this app so far! Can’t wait to get my first prize!

Used to be better

Annoying how now all of the offers require us to shop through the link below in order to receive points (besides the ongoing offers) when shopping on your smart phone is super inconvenient

Not worth it

As soon as I reach 10,000 pts I'm cashing in and cancelling this app.

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