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Can't login

Can't login after the recent upgrade


Low effort to reward ratio

Not a fan

This sounded great when reading. After downloaded it didn’t offer Walmart or Amazon as it shows in the description. But I went ahead with it. Then I accidentally put in wrong security code they sent and now I can’t get it to work. Oh well, probably just as well because they don’t have Walmart or Amazon like they said.

Horrible customer service

They say it will take 2-5 business days to reply to your request. This is not true. I have now submitted my third request for the same problem and it hasn't been solved in over a week now. There is an offer for Uber eats. 750 points per order. It never worked once for me. I order off Uber eats every day and I don't get any of these points. They still haven't combined the 3 requests I sent into one request for the same issue. I got a reply on my first request saying they will look into it. After that day o was ignored. Don't trust drop guys.

More options

Would like to have More options to choose from.

Update f*** up

The app updated and then refused to let me sign in. It kept telling me to link my card and when I would put in my bank info it would tell me the card was already linked. Well no sh*t Sherlock! I have now deleted this app. Don’t waste your time because the second there is a new update all of your information will disappear!

The best

The best

Won’t let me update personal info

I love this app, but I’ve recently changed my phone number. I cannot update my number, the app doesn’t allow this, therefore I cannot redeem my points. This is very frustrating. I’m considering deleting

Gosh, Dosh....!

Love this app! Out of all the other apps that scan your purchases and give you cash, this is the most user friendly that I’ve found. You add your cards, and then do your things. Go on about your business, and as you make purchases, your balance goes up. The only complaint that I have is that I don’t get cash for pick-up purchases at the participating stores. Other than that, I love it!

A major disappointment

I have Bank of America. I have tried multiple times over the past couple of weeks to link my account. I'm continously receiving a link error message. I'm more than sure my credentials are correct. This is very disappointing.

Buggy notifications

Every time I get a notification and click on it, the app freezes and won’t open, and I never know what promo is going on because of this.

Invite code

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Would love to love this App

Been using this app for several months and it was great... until about 2ish months ago when it basically stopped working for American Express users. Like MANY other reviews have stated, you have to fight to earn your points and even if you jump through their insane hoops... you probably still won’t get them. I have tried several offers specifically to get points back, and it doesn’t work. Great premise, terrible follow-up and customer service.


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Easy way to earn cash

This is an easy way to earn a little cash. Thank You.

False advertising

The retailers advertised are not what’s actually offered on the app.


So far am still new to this have seen my H-E-B points but still waiting on my reward cnt see any money in my accnt

Stopped working

Was working great for a while then I just stopped getting my points. I was able to get a hold of customer support and they explained why I hadn’t received my points and credited me points. Only took a few hours and 1 email for a response.



Doesn’t link with smaller local banks

I’ve been trying to link my debit card through my credit union since I downloaded the app 3 months ago. Every single time I try to add it I get an error message that they are “experiencing delays with this institution. Please try again later” 🙄

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Can’t even start it -_-

So I stumbled across this app on Snapchat and it looked super cool and fun! When I downloaded it, I put in my Online ID and password. Then I got my confirmation code and typed it in. I double checked and MADE SURE that I didn’t miss any numbers or mistype anything. Then it said that the information doesn’t match with mine, and it made me start over again. Then it told me that my account has been locked by my bank when I tried it again. The thing told me that if it doesn’t work, I just need to try again within he next few days. I have tried three times a day for TWO WEEKS. I’m honestly about to give up and delete this app.

Suspicious practices

I can’t say this will be the case for everyone, but my experience with Drop points to suspicious business practices. I added several credit cards and started accumulating points after I made purchases and opted into offers. But when I tried to redeem those points, the app kept giving me a vague error to try again later. I finally contacted Support, and they told me that my account was “flagged” because one of my linked cards was a business card. Not true - I don’t have any business credit cards. I’ve asked them which one of my cards they believe is a business card, and all of a sudden, they went dark. Awesome. They will let you link as many cards as you want and spend as much as you want, but will only inform you of being “flagged” when you try to redeem your points and ask why it’s not working. And there is no response when you ask them to justify/clarify why your account is flagged. UPDATE: I sent them another email following their instructions in the email below. Yes, they did respond with another “we’re looking into it” email, but after over a month since I reported the issue, there is still no update. And they still do not respond to any of my emails. I’ll be closing my account.

Nice app!!!

If you go out to eat a lot or shopping this a good app to have.


I got this because of an ad I saw, and the ad made it seem like you just play games to get free money. (It was an interactive ad where you try to collect items in a bag) But then I have to link a credit card. Not only in this sketchy that I have to just trust the company with my credit card info, but the ad was also false advertising.

No support ever

Drop seemed great especially as I use the ongoing offers regularly regardless. However I haven't received one point since April and have never once heard back from their customer service despite reaching out many times. I assume this is their way of tracking credit card usage without having to pay out rewards.

Missing Points

The whole purpose of this app is to get points for purchases made. So, when you don’t get ANY points for legit purchases made with linked cards, what’s the point?!?! After reading through all the recent reviews, it’s clear this is an extremely common issue...FIX YOUR APP!

Waste of time

I went through the whole setup process just for them to say they don’t support my financial institution anymore even though it was listed as an option. Why not remove the option if it’s no longer supported? Annoying!

Nice app!

Intuitive UI and setup process. Getting rewards never felt easier!


I am missing thousands of points. Every time I “contact” support. I get the same message, “Delay with account. Looks like our providers are having trouble getting this account up to date. We are aware of this and are working with them to resolve the issue. Your points will be provided once it’s resolved.” It been over a month. If they were really “working” to resolve this issue it would’ve been resolved by now.

Waste of time

I’ve written to customer service and has received no response. On top of that, the points do not actually drop after you have redeemed an offer. You need to keep contacting them, and still after that, it will get you nowhere. I’ve stopped using them.


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Linking card

I’ve heard great things about this app so I decided to download it but it was so frustrating when I trying to connect my card. It asked the same question 10 times when trying to verify and it never went anywhere, so I just got fed up. I don’t know if this was a glitch or something but it was so annoying so I just gave up. Ughhhhhhgg!!! Wasted my time

What the hell

Can’t even get rid of the notifications. This is insane. My apps always stays up to date...... the issue is your app.

Missing points + no customer service = TRASH

I am missing all the points from one of my credit cards. When I contacted customer service , I received 2 replies and then didn’t hear back for 2 weeks. When they got back to me they told me they had manually added the transactions to my account. However, they only added 3/12 transactions and now there are even more transactions on that card. That was 2 months ago. Never heard back from them. I’m missing a ton of points and I have yet to hear back from customer service. When they did look into it, they did a pretty pathetic job of only adding a few of the transactions even though all of them qualify. Bottomline- they do not want to give you coupons, they just want to show you ads for free. If you love ads, you’ll love this app! Lol

Can’t connect my card

I can’t connect my card. My bank is a small local branch. The FAQs say to wait a few days. I did several times. Emailed support, they answered a different question I didn’t even ask and told me the same thing after I said waiting didn’t work. Was told to wait a few days. Waited over a week, had the same problem: on my second verification question, I was just kept asked it over and over again.


Apparently age 14 is not a valid age like what?


Honestly it’s a good app one of my daily apps I use super fun to me and enjoying!!!


For over a month I have received no points for my purchases and no response from customer service

Not to sure about this app

This app was good at first I was getting points almost everyday mainly from uber and lyft so after I redeemed my first set of points I noticed that starting over a lot of my points were missing I tried contacting someone from drop for 2 weeks then finally I emailed them about 10 times at once they get back to me and tell me that I’m wrong nothing is pending except for two offers and they took care of it but I can CLEARLY see I’m missing points and I still didn’t receive whatever they so called handled I also have things pending all they way back from May I check the app enough to know that I’m missing at the very least 3,000 points so I emailed them again this morning I doubt I’ll hear anything back sorry for the long post just want to let you guys know beware of drop I’ll probably just give up and delete the app if no one resolves my issue

This app is a scam

No points added to my account for the last 2 months. Emailing customer support repeatedly got me a response that my account is under review to make sure "I am using the account as intended" (I don't know what that means). It has been 1.5 months since my account is appeartly under review. So beware, they will award points if they feel like it and otherwise not.

Store Choices

I downloaded this app bc it said you can choose Walmart as one of your stores and it’s not even an option. Delete.


Poor and sloooooowwww customer service. Unable to link my bank due to invalid credentials although it’s the EXACT login I use for my online banking.

Where are all my points from almost a month ago???

I signed up for this but all the transactions at the stores where I’m supposed to get points from by shopping, but even after 3- almost 4 weeks, I don’t see my points updated??? All I see is that “we are aware of this issue, this will be fixed shortly...”. Shortly, when?????

Terrible Customer Service

From the outside this app looks great but the minute something goes wrong and you have to deal with customer service you are in for a headache. I have emailed customer service multiple times to find that they don’t read the email carefully and rarely answer the questions I am asking. Also, their offers rarely work. I have followed the offer requirements carefully on multiple occasions and have rarely received my points. I contacted customer service, but as I said it was a miserable experience. They constantly have card link issues, where your card becomes unlinked, and if you miss out on points due to that they feel no obligation to refund you. I am starting to get the impression my card information is not safe with them at all. I would not recommend this app.


It is absurdly easy to earn points which seem trivial but add up quickly. Just redeemed for dominos $$$$$

Points aren’t always applied, customer service terrible

I have been using the app for a few months now, and it’s really inconsistent. Over a month ago I stopped receiving any points, and after emailing customer service 4 times now over the course of a month, they still haven’t responded to me. I would suggest thinking twice about granting Drop access to your bank accounts when they are so unresponsive and inconsistent.

They are very rude and uncivilized

I’ve complaint about this app. They sent me very impolite emails to send them back request for support. So I replied and asked them to swap my stores. At this time they sent me emails they can’t do it unless I invite a friend to join. To me it’s very uncivilized practice. The reason being I haven’t seen any goodness in this app, not even a bit besides the obvious they say its purchases for gift cards. It’s that ridiculous.


I was trying to sign up and when it asked to link cards I tried it at least 5 times and it kept saying error try again later. The next day I tried it again, and it said the same thing again. I had my information correct but it wouldn’t link. I even deleted the app and tried it again but it wouldn’t work. I think it’s dumb.

Does Not Take US Bank Anymore

Thanks for not taking US Bank anymore

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