Drop - Free Cash Rewards App Reviews

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Don’t waste your time if you live in a smaller town!

I thought I’d give this app a try. Found out I shouldn’t have even wasted my time downloading the app. For one they only offer you like 15 stores to pick from for your stores to earn points from. The town I live in doesn’t even have about 8 of those options! So I guess I have to pick places that I barely shop at just because they’re in my town. Second when I tried to link my card I couldn’t because it’s not an available freaking bank to pick for the cards. If you want people to do this make everything accessible to them! Stupid

Ok but hard to understand

This is an ok app but could be better maybe if it gets more popular.


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Not for me

Tried it and Not for me. Won’t link my bank card, but then thought, why would I want to if I already get most of these reward offers on other apps and I don’t have to link anything! Thanks for trying though.

Still waiting

I haven’t received points in nearly 20 days. This app used to work and I really liked it then. Hopefully they will fix the problem.

Interesting concept...hard to earn points

I enjoy seeing it pop up to say I’ve earned points, but I’ve been doing it for close to 6 months and have earned the equivalent of six dollars. So, somewhat pointless, but maybe if you use it for over a year and make a lot of relevant purchases it will benefit you.

Can’t add promo code

Can’t figure out where to enter my promo code and no where to request customer service so i probably lost it

Never got points

So I’m supposed to get points from Trader Joe’s purchase or at least a notification saying ‘pending’ but they never gave me my points/notification like before and I made sure my card is linked!! What a ripoff!


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Barclayscard not supported

Barclayscard not supported, please fix

Seems like phony ratings

How is it 4.7 when so many people give it one or two stars? Push notifications stopped working and many purchases are not credited.

Age Preference

I do NOT like how the app says it’s for 12 years old and up, and when I typed in my age (13) it said it was not a valid age. I decided to test my theory and said I was 18. The app worked and I am annoyed with this.

Missing points

Worked great for awhile now not so much. It used to take a few days to get points from things I purchased, now I’m at over a week and no more points😒


Won’t let me sign in and I know many people with the same problem. I would have not given it a star if I did not have to.

Everyone needs this app

I love this app, before you know it, all the cash you'd already be spending earns you a gift card 😄 so exciting watching the points roll in

Don’t count on getting your points

I don’t normally write reviews, but I am so frustrated with this app now that I’ve reached the tipping point. I told all my friends about this app because it was a great idea and well built, but they have now stopped giving me my points multiple times. The first they resolved after a long wait time for a response from customer service and now the second time this has happened I have been waiting for a response from customer service for weeks. If you use this app, you can’t rely on getting the points you earned. Good luck.

Don’t Waste Your Time

This App can have its benefits if you spend often on your ongoing offers & are willing to fight to receive your points. The one-time offers are only worth it if you are willing to contact support, take screenshots, & fight for them to issue your points manually. Don’t ever expect these to post on their own, including the IN-App offers that they recently rolled out for this purpose. They don’t sync. Take screenshots of everything. As many others have stated, their customer service is as bad as it gets, & I was a hospitality mgmt major so I understand customer service on a fundamental level. The average response time is about 5-7 days & sometimes you won’t receive one at all. When you do finally receive a response, more often than not, your issue won’t be resolved. There has been a Chase Bank issue where people who bank with Chase (largest bank in the U.S.) stopped receiving points for any & all transactions around mid April. It’s been over a month since they have had any luck in resolving this, so the app has essentially went dead to thousands of users. They have a banner stating that they are trying to resolve, but again, over one month of a dead app for thousands of users, paired with unresponsiveness- ask yourself if you want the headache for $5 to Starbucks? It’s not worth your time.

Best app around

This app is great. It works great and I have made over $100. I try to tell everyone about it and I have my entire family signed up for it. Use code bxvxk when you sign up to make a little extra cash.



*Update: Missing points/ redemption missing

I received my gift card but have yet to hear back about missing points. After weeks of accruing point I finally redeemed a $10 iTunes gift card and it is nowhere to be found. I sent a support ticket but I don’t trust it will be addressed...I sent a request for support when some points did not go through and have yet to hear anything. It has been 2 weeks.

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So far so good just joined & started today

Not secure

I was going to use this app but when it asked my credit unions login information I decided not to. I don’t know who you are or if you even are based in the US. I don’t want people in another country or in the US having access to my personal banking information. Identity theft is my main concern and after reading the review from December with the wait time and poor customer service they received that made the decision not to use the app much easier for me.

Be cautious and use it as a “nice to have”

They sometimes honor the deal and sometimes do not. When that happens, they blame on their partners being slow. It’s a nice to have if you don’t have any other ways to get cash back. Definitely not reliable on big purchases

Can’t get passed the linking screen

When linking a card, I answer The security verification questions with no issues, but it keeps asking me the same last one over and over and won’t let me get past that portion. I have no idea how to resolve this issue.


If you don’t have a card then what do you do? Go out and get one?

Great product!!!

Recent updates + iPhone X = 🔥🔥🔥

Confirmed SCAM

UPDATE: I reached out to Stitch Fix to tell them that Drop isn’t actually honoring their referral offer, and Stitch Fix said that they don’t actually have a partnership with Drop. Drop appears to be built off of scraping brand platforms for unique referral codes offered to existing customers, and then exploiting them. So much for the Drop customer support response I got from Karen, who referred me to Sam, who “looks after these offers” because some offers “require the brand’s approval.” —- As the others reviews say, this app is great for ongoing offers, but don’t expect the big-ticket, one-time offers to work. I fulfilled one 15,000 point offer (first carefully reading the offer’s terms), and the whole time I went through the partners’ long onboarding process, I kept checking the URL to make sure they Drop’s ref link carried over and I’d get my points. 32 days later, and nothing. I reach out to customer support with details. They say they’re working on it. I reach out again and they’re still working on it. A month later, I hear back that it’s MY fault, because I didn’t follow directions and use the link through the app. First of all, I followed your instructions. If your product is so hard to use that you have to keep telling customers how they have to use it, then you’ve built a shoddy product. And what kind of customer support team says that it’s the customer’s fault? That’s literally all your product has to do, is keep the ref links intact when opening new browser windows. AND do NOT get back at me with this developer response BS about how to contact support. Y’all need to be solving your product and support problems. I already went through your process, and all you’ve managed to do was infuriate me.

Where are the FAQ’S?

So I must be dumb or something but I honestly can’t figure his app out. I have gotten no points for shopping at my stores. Oh well


Free Starbucks for shopping I already do!!! Amazing

So far so good

So far it’s good but a little slow Use my code ihkaf

Free Money

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Be cautious about this app! You CANNOT change your own phone number. A text confirmation is the ONLY WAY that you can redeem your rewards... so what happened when I got a new phone? I have a bunch of points I can’t redeem. I have been consistent about keeping in touch with support about this issue. They told me initially they were working on implementing an update that would allow users to update their phone numbers, because apparently, even their SUPPORT TEAM CANT CHANGE IT FOR YOU! So THREE UPDATES LATER... I’m fed up, and still waiting on that update. Bottom line, I don’t think anyone should trust a company with their financial information, if they cant figure out how to change a phone number !!!!

Don’t reply to my support messages!!

Update: I received a reply a couple of weeks after this and was able to use my points! :) I’ve sent them multiple messages and no response. I can’t redeem. The Redeem tab is completely blank for me. I have a bunch of points I can’t use :(

Is this a fraud

Is this really a secure app? Has anyone had problems with their bank or it being a fraud. Since they will have both your checking and saving.


You can’t even change phone numbers without writing to them to have them authorize the reward which can take 2-5 days.....great you just came out with a update but that doesn’t mean jack when I have to wait awhile for you to put the request in for me to get the reward to begin with

Try it!

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No support

Support is nonexistent, you can write in but don’t expect a reply back. They don’t care. Been having issues recieving points and have pointed out several issues, but nothings been done. App worked great at first now your lucky if you get points for 25% if offers.

So far so good!

Use code dj04o to earn bonus points when you sign up! Get $1 for just entering the code, and cash back with every purchase via linked card! No issues thus far!

Cannot Redeem Awards

The idea is great but when it comes time to redeem awards, it is useless. I have tried to contact customer service several times and received one reply. I travel internationally a lot, so I have an international cell phone and VoIP. They do not allow you to redeem awards unless they can verify your phone number with an American cell phone provider. I have several United States phone numbers and which I received a text codes but then they tell me that my numbers are invalid. Most of my major shopping is done in the United States, but my points are worthless and technical support does not respond.

Unreliable after 2 weeks

AVOID THIS APP unless you like headaches! As stated by many people, the app works great....at first. Then, after a few weeks, you still stop getting points. You try to submit an issue through the app which tells you a different amount of time it takes for points to show than the advertise. Once you can submit an issue in the app, it just says its an issue with your card and they are working on it. Weeks later, nothing will happen, so you email support. Email support takes a week at least to respond. Honestly, fastest way to get a response is to tweet to all your twitter followers about your issues. I’ve been going on over 5 weeks without my points using the same card that worked instantly for the first 2 weeks.

Can't even sign up.

I get a "Resource not found" error.

Unable to redeem points

I have been unable to redeem my points because I changed my cell number and can’t verify my account. I have called the company multiple times and they say they are working to fix that in the app, how long does it take to write code to allow you to change your phone number? Meanwhile they are holding $100+ in rewards hostage on my account.


I’ve had to change my phone number recently, which is no big deal everywhere else as long as I provide other proof of who I am. But with Drop?? Nope! They don’t allow you to update your phone number, and that is their ONLY option for authentication, so I am now earning a ton of points I will never be able to redeem. This is extremely disappointing, considering 2-factor authentication is not a new or difficult technology to implement....


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Instead of only linking banks, how about paypal accounts? I don’t have a credit card. I have a pre paid one which doesn’t have a bank. Thought this was going to be the first “cash app” that would have worked. Guess not.

Really does work!

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Can’t even set it up

I have tried 2 different emails and your app won’t even allow me to set up an account. It keeps saying there’s an error but doesn’t say what the error is. This is not a good way to get customers if they can’t even open the account much less use your app.

I just got an amazon gift card

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Won’t let me create account or login

I downloaded this app after seeing it blasted all over Instagram but it doesn’t let me sign in or create account says error occurred. I guess I’ll have to erase it


I did love this app . But now I’m not even able to log in with my Facebook account . Im so close to a $10 gift card that I have to lose out on !

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