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Can’t redeem

It will not let me redeem my points

Couldn’t even get past signing up

They don’t have my bank on their list and there are no other options or ways to connect my card. There should be an option to just put your card info in or connect with PayPal/the likes. Oh well.

Great when it was working

This app was great when it was working. Hasn’t worked right in months. Contacted customer service and they said it was my bank not the app. Don’t see how that can be when SPENT has zero issues. No need to pass the blame, maybe instead you should fix the problem.

Not worth the time

My account was flagged as fraudulent and blocked. I was unable to redeem any points. I tried to contact CS but received an automated response that my account was fraudulent. I couldn’t get anyone to help me resolve the issue. I lost $130 worth of points


Still waiting for points. I've used my linked card at my chosen locations and still no points. Over competed offers and still no points. Still trying to deceifer if this a scam or not. If it isn't a scam, it's a flawed system at best. Edit: I've read the rest of the reviews and it seems the app isn't working correctly since September, and anyone who has reviewed since September, hasn't gotten responses from support. There's a huge gap/ lack of customer service since late August. Just beware before linking a bank card.

Five Stars🌟🌟🌟🌟

Best app I’ve found so far . Out lives a lot of other app . The app also pairs right along side of your Starbucks rewards app while your drinking coffee and enjoying your day your getting payed double for your time. Thanks drop.

This app used to be great...

The recent UI update came with a whole ton of glitches. This app is now a chore to use, it crashes back to the home screen fairly often and back to the main menu when getting your “supercharge” which is just obnoxious. Not worth the frustration


Amazing app. I love how I can accrue points and money for the stuff that I am already doing & spending money on. My fave places to earn money at is Uber, Trader Joe’s, Target and Sephora!!! You gotta get this app to help save you money!!

Too good to be true

It looks like I am having the same problem as others. Drop worked great in the beginning, I was getting point and then suddenly stopped, specifically with my Target Card. I was getting points every transaction with my Target card and I suddenly stopped. It’s been over 3 weeks since it worked. I emailed copies of my Target card statement, as requested, and I haven’t heard anything.

It’s not letting me redeem my rewards

I been trying for a while to redeem my points and it keeps giving me error

So fun!

Like snake but better!

Terrible Customer Service

The app itself is well designed and improving so kudos to the team, but the customer service is absolutely horrendous. Not only does it take forever to get a response, but most issues aren’t resolved. I bought a pair of $100 glasses from Warby Parker during a boosted 400/1 promo and after 60 days did not receive the points. I contacted customer service and had to send them screenshots of my bank statement and text thread with a friend talking about the deal. After weeks I got a reply saying they would credit my account 20,000 points even though it was boosted to 400 which equals 40,000 points. I wrote back saying that was unacceptable and then took a screenshot of that same deal running at the time that I was replying back(400/1). They then ghosted me. Nothing. Absolute shame to lose a customer over $20. Again dev/product/engineer team killing it. Customer service reps are hot garbage. Update: not only did they ghost me but they seemed to have taken back the 20000 points I earned through Warby Parker(was supposed to be 40000), so now I have -20300 points lol. This apps a joke guys. Please stay away. Trust.

Doesn’t work

I’ve collected points for the past couple months but I’ve tried for the past three days to redeem them for three different company’s gift cards. It keeps saying “error” and doesn’t give me the rewards.


Terrible App. I can’t get pass linking my card. I click on my bank and it already says I linked my card. So why can’t I move forward?

Terrible Customer Service

I've put in three service requests so far (only one of which was half-responded to) about an error in earning points and keep either being ignored or given some automated response which doesn't help. Frustrated.

Worst ever

Awful. They refuse to give points and will never respond to emails. It’s a sham

Constant Problems with redemption - more trouble than its worth

This app is a great concept but has so many frustrating issues. I’ve had issues every single time I’ve tried to redeem - sometimes it gives me a gift card with $0 on it, sometimes it takes my points but doesn’t give me the reward at all, sometimes it gives me an error message. Their support team is pretty unhelpful and I’ve had to back and forth with dozens and dozens of messages with them every time I try to redeem. Pretty ridiculous.

Bad customer service

Very poor customer service. Most of my earned points don’t show up in my account. I have written to support multiple times and only once received a response which did not answer my questions.

Don’t bother

I’ve had this app for a year now and to be honest I completely forgot about it. I currently have a little over 30,000 points but I’m not able to redeem them. I have about 10,000 more points pending for 6+ months. I’ve emailed customer service I don’t know how many times and no one has EVER replied. I just want my dang Ulta gift card

Unbelievably frustrating

Not only do points not show up regularly but I can’t even fix cards that say there is a fix credentials issue because it keeps telling me my email and password don’t exist. In fact it won’t even recognize by email from the app. I’ve sent in tickets to fix it to no avail. I’m just about done with this app. I’m sure there are others out there and I’m going to start looking for them. DROP can’t seem to get their act together.


It worked great for a few weeks. And then all of a sudden it said I needed to link my card again. I’ve tried to do it multiple times, but it keeps giving me an error message. At first it said it would take a couple days to fix. But after it says I can’t use that bank and have to use a different one.


Not a fan. This app does not work with ALL debit/credit cards. My bank is not on their “approved bank” list, so I’m not even able to use the app.

App doesn’t work and their support doesn’t either

The app suddenly stopped crediting my account in mid-August. When I first reported, i got some message that they know of the problem and were working to resolve it. Never heard another thing and it was never fixed. Reported a bunch of missing transactions last week and got their flip little response that said thanks a mill and that was about it. No explanation for the issue or how to resolve. Then got an email asking to rate their c/s. When i clicked on the unsatisfied link it “shockingly” said the ticket was already Closed and could not be re-opened- so basically my opinion doesn’t count. I used this app since i already shop at the store as i chose- the points/ rewards were a little bonus but now i have deleted this worthless app.

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False advertisement

Downloaded and quickly deleted when I found out that Amazon and Walmart were not options to choose from like stated in advertisement.

Missing points

It’s a cool app that works. I’ve redeemed quite a bit of points for gift cards. But it doesn’t give you all of your points after completing offers and customer service is terrible. You can almost forget about getting those missing points. Been on the app 6 months and still missing over 15,000 points

Can't even get signed up completely

Was getting all signed up but once it brought me to the option of choosing my bank I chose my bank and then it goes to a green loading circle and then a white screen and it freezes and won't do a thing. Frustrating since I wanna get signed up and try it out. Tried downloading on my iPhone and my iPad and both just won't work.

The worst

Literally the worst app. I complete all my offers in the EXACT way they tell you to do it and they skimp on my points. When I email customer service they tell me I didn’t compete the offer in the way I should have. It’s very simple usually, click their link and buy the product. That’s what I do. Every. Time. And they tell me I don’t. There’s no way to prove it either so I think they are very shady. I’ve started telling people not to use drop and switch back to ibotta. I’m over this company and their shady business practices.


I was excited for this app and linked my card but my transactions from July have still not been accounted for and I’m missing my points. I’ve contacted support multiple times and they keep saying they’re working on it ..but nothing. Can’t they just manually add it at some point? It’s ridiculous.

37000+ Points Nothing Redeemable

This app seems a scam to me. I’ve accumulated 37000+ points over a year, and there is nothing to redeem. I signed up for this app when I was abroad. I contacted their customer service more than a year ago. They told me I wasn’t able to redeem because I was abroad. I’ve returned to California for more than a year. I checked the app today, yet there’s still nothing to redeem. I deserve an explanation.

Great app! Read for free points!

Get 1000 free points using this code when you download: jcxma. Great way to get free money.

Not working

Seriously have been trying to figure this out for the last 30 minutes, your app keeps taking me back in this circle asking me to “download the drop app.” So irritated, can’t link my card to it, FIX IT!!!

Can’t link bank card

After reading other reviews about customer service, I figured I should also review them. The app will not allow me to link my bank card. After trying the first time, I contacted customer support. They responded by saying there was a connection issue and I should try to connect the card again. Okay, fine. A couple of weeks later, after closing the bank account I was originally using with Drop, I tried to link my bank card again. This time, it lets me put in my information, but won’t let me pass one of my security questions for my account. Upon emailing them again, I got the same response... verbatim. Seeing as how I’m already halfway to a reward, I’m extremely disappointed that I will no longer be able to use this app. They should really fix their customer service to provide better feedback to customers.


Free, try it. I’m having a good time so far. I mean, I spend then look at my app some days and see that I can do more instead of stop spending, it’s points given to me for using there app, why not🤩. Good luck 🙌🏽, God bless🙏🏽

Good premise, bad execution

I like the premise on the app and have received a few points. What I don’t understand is how the program only picks up my credit card and not my debit card even though it’s through the same bank and even shows up in the same app with the same login info! Only time will tell......


Horrible customer service and app function. I tried to link my card and no matter what I do it keeps getting unlinked. Contacted customer support and they replied 1 week later saying there’s nothing they can do about it.

Card unlinks

It’s a useful app for the most part, but it gets extremely irritating when my cards are constantly unlinked. My accounts are always the same which I don’t understand why this situation occurs so frequently. I would have way more activity on my account if it wasn’t for this problem. Other than that annoying issue, it’s a decent app. The gift cards are cool and the mini game is a cool idea to earning free points.

Lacking on all fronts.

Cool idea. Terrible execution. Customer service is garbage. Weeks response time. Have to reach out to ask why points aren’t appearing. When they say it’s fixed, it never is. Have yet to seen anything appear automatically based off spending. Clever way to get peoples spending history for ads. Make the system work or make customer service able to help. Not worth the time to even write this review

Its gone downhill!

I loved this app when I started but now they dont update my offers ever (my husband was able to access a rover offer when signing up but I never got offered anything for rover even though they say everyone gets the same opportunities), plus I still have points pending from FIVE months ago!!! Thats way to long to wait for a few points here and there. I think the app got too popular and they cant keep up. Response time takes forever too and they hardly help 🙄😒. I feel they cheat me out of points and waste my time.

Waste of time

Every time i link my card, itll be ok for a little while, then it needs me to “fix credentials” even though nothing has changed. And now it wont let me update it, cuz it keeps giving me an error message. Dont waste your time!

Amazing and real app

Great actually works !! Love it !!

Okay app

They had better offers when I started using. Now the only offers are online shopping or subscriptions. They need to bring back offers from Wendy’s and Whole Foods, places to eat. Otherwise the app isn’t really great. It had very limited options as to where you can get points. The points take quite a bit to go through. I’m still waiting on my points for inviting friends and it’s been three months......

Points don’t show up

I don’t recommend. When I first downloaded in March, it was great. I figured it’s worth selling my data if I get gift card rewards. Then my card (Capital One) had issues linking. I had an open ticket and they continued to give me the same response - they are working on it, and once restored, all my points since March would show up. Well, the card is linked again but no points have appeared since March - both points from when I had issues and points from after the issue was supposedly resolved. I responded to my ticket, and was essentially shut down and told they were closing my ticket. Essentially they said sorry ‘bout your luck. I wanted to support this app, but 6 months of stringing folks along is too much.

Bait and switch, no rewards sent

I’ve earned a fair number of rewards since starting to use the app. However, most rewards were never delivered. Customer service is of no help in helping to deliver rewards that were never sent. Your time is better spent using a different rewards app. There are plenty that actually pay out what is promised.

Can’t use my credit union.

I don’t use banks and instead I use Obee Credit Union but they don’t offer that option. Very disappointed.

Cannot log into my account

I have uninstalled then reinstalled the app, however there’s not an option where i can just log in instead it asks me to get started by connecting a bank account with it in which i attempted. It tells me that it’s linked already like no duh its my account but it doesn’t proceed to log me in even tho i entered the info it asked like what???! Then i updated the app and was finally able to log in but all my points were goneee! It reset back to 0 😡😡😡 i am not gonna use this app again, just makes me angry thinking about it, its trash.

Make it for iPads!

I would like it better if it was on my iPad instead of my phone taking up data

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